Nostalgic photos capture the final days of Swindon's Oakfield School.

The educational facility was originally known as Park Grammar School and opened in 1914.

It went on to be known as Park Senior High School from 1965 until 1983, when the selective 11-plus exam was scrapped.

It was renamed Oakfield before falling rolls prompted Swindon Borough Council to close it and disperse the few remaining pupils elsewhere after the end of the 2000 summer term, despite a campaign to save it in 1998.

The buildings then became known as Oakfield Campus, and were the headquarters of the University of Bath in Swindon project until 2008 as well as being the first of the Museums of Computing.

The Oakfield Project used part of the site for a decade to help 14-to-16-year-olds who struggled in mainstream education, then merged with the local authority's Education Other Than At School provision in 2019.

Nationwide Building Society then started developing a new housing estate nearby that included eco-friendly features and kept the Oakfield name.

The empty Marlowe Avenue campus remained standing as the first new houses were built during the pandemic, then Swindon Borough Council announced its impending demolition in 2022.