A second busy petrol station at a Swindon supermarket will become fully automated and cashless, it has been confirmed.

The Asda petrol station at the West Swindon Shopping Centre will soon change to a fully pay-at-the-pump system.

No other way than using a card will be accepted to pay for the fuel, with cash payments no longer taken once the kiosk is taken away.

This is the second petrol station in the town to announce the change after Asda’s superstore at the Orbital Shopping Park confirmed the news last week.

Swindon Advertiser: The Asda at West Swindon Shopping Centre.The Asda at West Swindon Shopping Centre.

An Asda spokesperson said: “This change only affects 82 drive-thru fuel stations attached to Asda Superstores.

“All Asda stores will continue to accept both cash and card payments as normal.”

The superstore brand said it would bring "great benefits" after announcing the initial change but did not confirm when the changes would be made.

A spokesperson for the supermarket at the time said: "The petrol station at Asda, Haydon will undergo a refurbishment.

“This will bring great benefits and better service to customers including new pumps and contactless payment facilities.”

The switch comes after one of the busiest petrol stations in the town, the Sainsbury’s on Paddington Drive in Bridgemead, was closed for a month after repairs to the roof.