As a northerner, I am no stranger to appreciating the simple humbleness of the potato.

But it turns out that in my second home of Swindon, spuds are growing to be quite popular here too due to the recent opening of a unique takeaway.

Spudway was opened by John Davis at the Orbit Centre on Ashworth Road in the summer of 2023, serving a variety of luxury jacket potatoes.

Toppings such as BBQ pulled pork, coronation chicken and tuna mayo are all available at the shop in West Swindon.

Swindon Advertiser: Spudway delivers around Swindon.Spudway delivers around Swindon. (Image: Newsquest)

So when Adver HQ requested I go try out the hot food on offer at John’s spot, it did not take long until the coat was on and I was out of the door.

Upon entering I met John and toured around the premises which were bedecked in the brand’s trademark yellow and black colour.

To truly judge the food I opted for the ultimate classic, beans and cheese, with a side serving of salad and a Coke.

The servings were large but priced fairly ensuring that I would not go hungry after what turned out to be a really pleasant visit.

Swindon Advertiser: John Davis at Spudway in Swindon.John Davis at Spudway in Swindon. (Image: Newsquest)

My first bite was heaven with the cheese melted on top of the beans, all served piping hot in the box with wooden cutlery.

The potato itself was light and fluffy due to it being cooked to perfection whilst it was refreshing to have the salad as a side to cool my mouth down.

It is no surprise that the potato was prepared well given the special oven that is used at Spudway to create their spud inventions.

Swindon Advertiser: Ed opted for the beans and cheese spud.Ed opted for the beans and cheese spud. (Image: Newsquest)

“We have the King Edward potato oven too and this oven that we have makes them a better potato when they’re cooked,” said John.

“Our potatoes are from Bookers at the moment as we did go to a farm originally but the sizes were so randomly shaped and we wanted some consistency.

“Friday is our busiest day and we get through around 150 potatoes give or take but when we have some left over we take them to the homeless shelter,” said John.

It is a unique concept to have a takeaway based around but with so many pizza shops, curry houses and chip shops, Spudway is definitely a welcome healthier addition to the town.