A new council recycling bag ended up 15 minutes down the road after a storm hit Swindon.

Emma Viggers of Toruń Way in Haydon End found one of the blue bags lying at the side of her road and was surprised to see how far it had travelled.

Swindon Advertiser: The wind took the bag on a long journey.The wind took the bag on a long journey. (Image: Emma Viggers)

“I picked it up because I know how hard it is for people to get extras or a replacement,” she said.

“I expected to see an address on it for my street or Zacopane Road but was shocked to see the Church’s name on it as that is a fair distance for it to be blown in the wind.

“I placed it on the railings where I found it and decided the decent thing to do was post its location so someone could inform the church where to find it.”

Storm Isha hit Swindon on Sunday night and Monday morning, bringing strong winds and heavy rain to the town after a bitterly cold spell.

As well as the errant bin bag, one street in the town centre was left covered in rubbish after the storm.

Meanwhile, a structure at the Abbey Stadium was also damaged.