An American tourist has delivered his verdict on one of Swindon’s Nando’s branches after going viral for reviewing UK food.

Kalani Smith, 25, took a trip to Nando’s at Swindon’s Orbital Shopping Centre as part of his tour across the country reviewing food recommendations from Brits.

During his time in Swindon, he treated himself to butterfly chicken, garlic bread, fries and halloumi at the South African chain restaurant.

The TikToker, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, labelled the food “super tasty” in a video that racked up 1.5 million views in less than a week.

He said: "Nando's was really good.

"Not anything super crazy but super tasty.

"I actually took someone's order from the comments and made a chicken burger out of all the ingredients.

"My favourite part about that place was the drink fountain with all the ice."

@kalanighosthunter Replying to @Marca Leon Byfield Nando’s had a dellcious chicken breast that I turned into a sandwhich “chicken burger”. It was super tasty and had a good kick! I love spicy stuff and enjoyed this one. The fries were good, but I wasnt a huge fan of the seasoning. #uk #foodreview #tastetest #kalanifood #kalani #kalanireview #unitedkingdom #nandos #england #taste #food ♬ original sound - Kalani Ghost Hunter

Kalani rated Nando’s an eight-out-of-ten, enough to take fourth place on his rankings, behind fish and chips, a full English, and Greggs.

The avid ghost hunter had originally planned a ghost tour of the UK, but his plans changed after a video of himself tucking into a roast went viral.

He has since been inundated with comments from people around the UK urging him to try other foods.

The trip has taken him across England and Wales, while Scotland and Ireland were recently added to the itinerary.

Kalani added: "My initial itinerary was just driving around to different ghost spots but now I'm out here trying 50,000 different types of food.

"Though I'm not complaining.

"I'm actually having to extend my trip because of how successful these videos have been - we're going to Scotland and Ireland now.

"In terms of numbers, this has been the most successful stretch in a series of posts that I've ever had - in terms of people investing in the content too.”

Swindon Advertiser: Kalani in Swindon Nando'sKalani in Swindon Nando's (Image: SWNS)

Kalani rates places on taste and texture and says he could eat 400 Greggs' sausage rolls before getting bored and would "never get sick of fish and chips".

Other meals rated as part of his tour include Lidl bakery items, a Chinese, Steak, ale and mushroom pie, Welsh cake, and KFC.

Brands such as Dominos, Tesco and Wendy’s have all requested Kalani try their food.

Kalani believes the reason his reviews are drawing in a big crowd is because people are so opinionated about food.

He said: "Everyone loves food and everyone has an opinion on food, so a lot of people are interested in hearing what an American thinks about their stuff."