Swindon's waste collection crews are encountering angry locals and abuse over the ongoing missed collection issue while doing their rounds.

Since Christmas, Swindon Borough Council's waste collection has been affected by 'systemic issues' in the planning of the new system, which have caused a backlog leaving several streets with uncollected rubbish and recycling. 

But some members of the public have reported seeing others blaming the binmen themselves by having a go at them, shouting at and even verbally abusing them as they go about their job. 

One member of the public, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "We took the time to thank the crews this morning despite it being 2 days late. They were so surprised because all they are experiencing at present is venomous abuse."

Another added: "A friend of mine works there and he's finding it quite difficult at the moment because a lot of people are having a go at him and it's all out of his hands. They're all trying their best."

Now Councillor Chris Watts, who is the cabinet member in charge of waste collection, and other local authority members has rushed to their defence.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wiltshire, Cllr Watts said: “If there’s one part of this system that’s worked well, it’s the crews. They’ve really worked so hard to keep this on track, and to try and make sure the deficit doesn’t get greater.

"They have had some problems out in the street but they’ve dealt with it very professionally and I think most people realise that it’s not them that brought this system in and they’re just out there trying to make the best of it, I think the crew is doing a fantastic job."

Cllr Watts has even accompanied one crew on their route and has seen first-hand the issues and difficulties they are facing.

While some members of the public may be taking their frustrations out on the wrong people, Ken Saunders, a Highworth Town councillor,  has also highlighted that he has also seen plenty of praise for the embattled bin men. 

He said: “I monitor the Facebook pages and the Swindon Facebook pages and I have to say there’s a huge majority of people that have nothing but praise for the men running around trying to do this job.

"Those people acknowledge the fault has been that the administration in Swindon hasn’t got it right."