A lack of CCTV coverage around West Swindon District Centre and the Link Centre is a cause for concern, say local councillors. 

West Swindon Borough & Parish councillors Junab Ali and Sean Wilson were contacted by Wiltshire Police about the lack of CCTV at the Link Centre since flood damage in the autumn storms last year.

The centre was flooded, leading to much of the facility closing whilst urgent repairs were carried out.

Cllr Ali has now written to The Link Centre manager Clive Seabrook to highlight the concern from local police and to ask him to consider reactivating the cameras. 

In the letter to the leisure centre management, Cllr Ali said: "A meeting of Parish Councillors and other key representatives takes place quarterly with the police to identify local community safety issues to work together to promote safety and wellbeing.

"At the most recent meeting on December 7, it was noted that the lack of CCTV camera footage around the Link Centre and West Swindon District Centre was potentially creating challenges in addressing an increase in anti-social behaviour.

Swindon Advertiser: Cllrs Sean Wilson and Junab Ali at the Link CentreCllrs Sean Wilson and Junab Ali at the Link Centre (Image: Sean Wilson)

"We appreciate that you have serious operational concerns at the current time and we hope that these can be resolved soon. Any attention that can be given to reactivating CCTV coverage would be very much appreciated."

Speaking to the Adver about why they have made this request, Cllr Ali, chair of West Swindon Parish Council, said: "Unfortunately there is a lot of anti-social behaviour around West Swindon and the Link Centres and one of the issues raised to West Swindon Parish Council by the local police was about the lack of CCTV at the Link Centre.

"The tunnel leading towards Toothill and Freshbrook is often used by criminals committing anti-social behaviour around the Link & Asda.

Swindon Advertiser: The Link CentreThe Link Centre (Image: Newsquest)

"As a result, we have written to the Link Centre management at Better to request the reinstallation of CCTV to assist the police."

Cllr Sean Wilson added: "Policing in West Swindon is down to the bare minimum with only one Police Constable (PC) and one Police Community Support Officer to cover the whole of West Swindon at the moment.

"Our police work incredibly hard to keep the public safe, however, they are hampered by Wiltshire being put in special measures and the poor stewardship by Commissioner Philip Wilkinson

"Better reinstalling CCTV would assist them greatly with their fight against crime in West Swindon."

Better GLL has been approached for further comment.