Landlords originally from Swindon have spoken about their move to a new pub in a quiet town in the south of the county seven years on.

The Ram Inn on Pennings Road in Tidworth dates back to the 1920s but there has always been a pub on the site for hundreds of years.

Current landlords Tony and Rowena Smana have been at the pub since 2017 and have grown to love the watering hole in their seven years there.

“I moved to Tidworth from Swindon and there is definitely more of a community vibe,” said Rowena.

Swindon Advertiser: The Ram Inn is located close to Stonehenge.The Ram Inn is located close to Stonehenge. (Image: The Ram Inn)

“This was the first pub I have ever worked at and it has been interesting, challenging and fun.

“A real highlight is not knowing what is going to walk through the door as every day is different.”

The 39-year-old landlady is now well-versed in the history of the pub and revealed that it may not have always been known as The Ram.

“As it stands, I believe the pub dates back to the 1920s but there have been pubs on the site for hundreds of years.

“We believe it was called The Bull at one point because people have told us that but we don’t know for sure.

Swindon Advertiser: The Tidworth pub in the past.The Tidworth pub in the past. (Image: The Ram Inn)

“We have two old fireplaces with older pictures of the town and the pub as well as the pub it was before.”

Fast forward to the present and The Ram is the only pub in the town, which Rowena believes is good for business.

“There is no other pub in Tidworth but there are working man’s clubs,” she said.

“The more businesses you have got nearby the better as people will move from one place to another.

“We are mainly based on regulars but because of being close to Stonehenge, we do get some tourists stopping by.

Swindon Advertiser: The pub's beer garden seats over 200 people.The pub's beer garden seats over 200 people. (Image: The Ram Inn)

“Tidworth is very close to Salisbury Plain and with that and Stonehenge, it is a nice place to visit.

“The feedback that we always get is that it is incredibly friendly but always welcoming as some pubs can feel a little awkward if there are a lot of regulars but that is not the case here.”

The Heineken-led pub has a standout feature outside with a functioning bar attracting punters in the summer.

“We have a huge beer garden with a fully functional outside bar which easily seats 200 in the garden alone,” added Rowena.

“It is very spacious inside with a dart board and pool table area but then we also have a quieter area for people to read or have meetings.”