A Swindon chef who has reached the final of BBC’s Young MasterChef has revealed the hardest parts of the competition so far.

Lewis Gibson from Penhill is currently starring on the popular cooking show and reached the final this week.

The series commenced on Monday, January 8 and will reach its climax on February 5, with three contestants remaining.

Currently on a year abroad in Spain, Lewis has revealed that he is missing his hometown ahead of the final’s broadcast.

Swindon Advertiser: Lewis has been competing on Young MasterChef this year.Lewis has been competing on Young MasterChef this year. (Image: BBC)

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“I do love home and visiting my family so I could see myself living in Swindon [in the future] as all of my friends are there,” he said.

“One of the experiences I miss most is going down to The Deer’s Leap with my mates and having a few pints as nothing beats that.

“I’ve been back in Spain for two weeks and I already want to be back in The Deer’s Leap.

“I am representing my town for something good and that shows there is something good happening in Swindon.”

The 22-year-old is proud to have reached the final and feels the full support of Swindon behind him.

Swindon Advertiser: The Young MasterChef final line-up.The Young MasterChef final line-up. (Image: BBC/Shine TV)

“It is an amazing feeling to be at this stage going into what is the biggest stage of all,” said Lewis.

“A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have ever seen myself in this position so now seeing it on TV is absolutely crazy.

“Everyone is buzzing so to see all the love and support for the series and me being on it is just crazy.

“It has been the same friends who have been trying my food who are now the ones cheering me on so it is a sort of culmination.

“Definitely couldn’t be in this position without barbeques at mine in Swindon or doing the Christmas dinner at university every year.

Swindon Advertiser: Lewis is now in the final of the television competition.Lewis is now in the final of the television competition. (Image: BBC)

Ahead of the show’s finale, Lewis has revealed the challenges he has found the toughest so far.

“Cooking the Knafeh in the semi-final was tough as it was a dish I had never heard of using ingredients that weren’t quite familiar to me,” he said.

“The second hardest so far was the fish and chips which was a callback to the summers I spent up in Lancashire with my grandparents.

“Fish is technical and it was definitely hard to nail that but I find the hardest challenges are the ones that I’ve enjoyed the most.”

The final of the competition will be broadcast on BBC Three at 8pm on Monday, February 5.