Swindon council have warned residents after a cold-caller entered a woman's home on false pretences having falsely claimed they were working for the local authority.

The person, who told the tenant they were from a company called Grant Energy, knocked on her door and claimed they were working on behalf of SBC.

The worker showed an ID card, asked to see the woman's boiler and claimed he was working on a council project to replace boilers.

The incident happened in Moredon, and has seen the council's housing department warn residents to report any further visits from Grant Energy to the police.

A spokesperson said: “Please be aware that this company is not employed by, or working with, Swindon Borough Council.

“Our contractors will have made contact with the tenants whose homes they are working in, and will usually have a Swindon Borough Council temporary ID card.

“They will be happy to wait whilst you check that they are legitimately working with us.

“If anyone from Grant Energy visits you, please do not let them into your home. Report to the police on 101.”