A man has been reported to court after being found with a fake driving licence printed at home.

Police stopped several drivers on Wednesday afternoon.

Among those that Roads Policing Unit officers pulled over was a Ford Transit van, after it was flagged its tax expired in 2021 and it had no insurance.

The breathalysed driver recorded a result of 46 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath and was arrested for being over the drink-drive limit.

Within half an hour of that arrest, police dealt with a Peugeot 207 driver who they reported because the MOT and tax for the car had expired in 2020.

Later, police found that the driver of a grey Toyota had no MOT, no insurance, and no valid licence.

When asked for proof that the motorist was allowed to be behind the wheel, officers received a home-printed driving licence.

A spokesperson said: “RPU stopped the ‘cheap runaround’ in Swindon for a routine stop check.

“A home printed driving licence was produced to try and throw us off the scent.

“Not such cheap motoring now. Vehicle seized.”

Finally, after resuming their patrol, police spotted a white Audi with poor lane discipline.

Its MOT had expired, and when officers stopped the car, they found that it had two bald tyres and the driver lacked insurance or a valid licence, so the vehicle was seized.