Over three dozen estates have been left unclaimed by people who were either born in or have died in Wiltshire.

The Division (Government department) publishes a list of unclaimed estates, both recent and historic, across the UK.

An estate can be anything from property, and personal possessions, to money and, as of February 2, 2024, there are 39 with connections to Wiltshire.

If somebody dies without leaving a valid will, the following people are entitled to the estate, in this order of entitlement: spouse or civil partner; children and grandchildren; parent; siblings who share both the same mother and father, or their children (nieces and nephews of deceased); half siblings, or their children (half nieces and nephews); uncles, aunts, and their children (cousins); half uncles and aunts and their children (half cousins); if no family members are left or known, then the estate is added to the Treasury’s ‘Bona Vacantia’ (ownerless property) list.

The estate can then be claimed within a 12-year deadline from the date that it was added to this list.

However, if the estate was left unclaimed before 1997, then the Treasury gives a 30-year deadline from the date of the person’s death.

If the claim is received after the 12-year deadline has ended, then no interest is paid on the money that is held.

Unclaimed Estates from people who were either born or died in Wiltshire:

1.       Susan Mary Harrow – born and died in Bradford on Avon

2.       Jean Belcher - born in India, died in Royal Wootton Bassett

3.       Margaret Cafferty – born in England, died in Swindon

4.       Patricia Cafferty – born in Ireland, died in Swindon

5.       Terence Joseph Cullen – born in Ireland, died in Swindon

6.       Robert Andrew Davis – born and died in Swindon

7.       Eric James Demello – born in Swindon

8.       Branka Djivanovic – born in Serbia, died in Warminster

9.       Elsie Evans – born in Germany, died in Swindon

10.   Michael Anthony Freeman – born in England, died in Swindon

11.   Hilary Grahame – born in Wiltshire, died in Bristol

12.   Gordon Greenman – born in Corsham, died in Bristol

13.   John Edward Grice - born in Swindon, died in Bournemouth

14.   Michael Edwin Hosey - born and died in Warminster

15.   David Grantley James - born in Bristol, died in Devizes

16.   Christine Ann Johnson - born in England, died in Trowbridge

17.   Patrick Kelly – died in Swindon

18.   Phillip Mark Laurence – born and died in Swindon

19.   James Christopher Lynch – born in Liverpool, died in Swindon

20.   Teodor Maliszewski – born in Poland, died in Warminster

21.   Alan Marsden – died in Swindon

22.   Hildegard Maschotta – born in Poland, died in Swindon

23.   Dorothy Matthews – died in Purton

24.   Annie Moloney – born in Ireland, died in Swindon

25.   Peter Moran – born in Ireland, died in Swindon

26.   Hugh Murray – born in Ireland, died in Purton

27.   Leon Nowak – born in Poland, died in Swindon

28.   Geoffrey Michael Nunn – born and died in Devizes

29.   Carolyn Julie Page – born in London, died in Devizes

30.   Zarco Radosaljevic – born in Yugoslavia, died in Westbury

31.   Gertrude Reynolds – born in Europe, died in Swindon

32.   Joseph Sloan – born in Dublin, died in Swindon

33.   Douglas Smith – born in Andover, died in Warminster

34.   Richard Smith – died in Swindon

35.   John Joseph Sullivan – born in England, died in Swindon

36.   Arthur James Udell – born and died in Swindon

37.   Ivar Vejs – born in Chippenham, died in Bath

38.   Barbara Walsh – born in Ireland, died in Swindon

39.   David Jack White – born in the United Kingdom, died in Swindon