The kidnapper behind the 'cruel abduction' of a 19-year-old has been jailed for six years after a high-speed chase on the M4 preceded his capture.

Tejay Baugh, 26, of Lidding Road, Harrow, drove to Cirencester with two accomplices on October 31 last year and waited outside a young Cotswold woman's address before kidnapping her. 

The group then attempted to hold her to ransom and extort money from her 'wealthy boyfriend'. 

Baugh was jailed for six years after appearing at Gloucestershire Crown Court on January 31. 

The court heard how the gang, masked and armed with knives, pounced on the victim when she arrived at her home at 7.45pm and bundled her into the back of their car - a stolen Mercedes.

Baugh and his accomplices drove a few miles and then stopped and used her phone to ring her boyfriend and demand money and his bank details.

They also tried to access the woman's own banking app but without success.

They drove off, heading back to London, but by the time they reached Wiltshire police were in pursuit and began a nine-mile chase along the M4, reaching a speed of 144mph, ensued.

Another incident on the motorway at that time forced the police to stop the chase and Baugh and his companions got away. They stopped near the Vodafone HQ in Newbury, Berkshire, where the woman managed to escape from the car and flee, bringing her one-and-a-half-hour ordeal to an end.

Baugh pleaded guilty to kidnapping the woman on October 31, 2023.

Lloyd Jenkins, defending, agreed that it was a "most disturbing case".

It was cruel and involved an innocent 19-year-old girl but thankfully she was not subjected to any violence during her ordeal and was released unharmed on the outskirts of Newbury, he said.

Jailing him for six years Judge Rupert Lowe told Baugh: “You and the two others armed yourself with two knives but you didn’t use them.

"You and the other two men also kitted yourself up with various disguises and made it look like a professional kidnapping.

"It is fair to say it wasn’t carried out in a professional manner, there was no specific demand for a particular amount of money.

“I’ve read the victim’s statement and I can see that this whole incident was a nightmare for her. You’ve probably traumatised her for the rest of her life.”

The judge imposed a ten-year restraining order on Baugh, banning him from making any contact with his victim.