Security staff and police officers were attacked during an attempted escape from a prison van in Swindon

A prisoner was being transported in the back of a Serco prison van on the way to Swindon Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning, February 6. 

At around 9.45am, the man in his 20s tried to injure himself, prompting the van to stop near the White Hart Roundabout. 

The prisoner then assaulted a prison security van guard, and then when officers from Wiltshire Police arrived, further attacked two police officers. 

A witness who saw the incident take place described seeing a large number of police cars 

"There must have been around ten there, and there were loads of police surrounding the prison van, it looked like someone was trying to escape."

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: "A security van guard was assaulted when attempting to assist and required hospital treatment for a head injury.

"Two police officers were also assaulted, receiving minor injuries.

"The prisoner was rearrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker and attempting to escape and has returned to custody."

Serco has been approached for further comment.