Work has still not begun on filling the unsightly hole where the Wharf Green screen used to be located.

Back in July last year, Swindon Borough Council removed the defunct screen, leaving behind an empty space. 

At the time, it announced that the enormous viewing equipment would be replaced by artwork from local organisation Artsite, but several months later, no further progress appears to have been made. 

The Adver asked the council what was happening with the space, and a spokesperson confirmed that the plan was still to put public art where the television used to be. 

The spokesperson said: "The screen will still be replaced with public art and we’ll be engaging with residents in the coming weeks."

The BBC commissioned the screen in 2008, picking Swindon as the first location in the south of England to have a permanent BBC Big Screen and the ninth in the entire country.

In 2010, it broadcast Carmen live from the Royal Opera House in London, and proved to be a popular place to watch the London Olympics in 2012, and also showed live ballet, live sport, and local programmes and information.

But after funding support ran out, the TV was switched off in 2016, and issues with the screen's panels proved to be too big a hurdle to bring it back into use.