Neighbours on a quiet Stratton street were shocked to learn that a busy bus route will now travel along their road.

Residents on Queensfield claim that the road is already a rat-run for cars cutting through from Hyde Road to Cricklade Road.

They say plans which meant the number 10 service used the road from Sunday onwards will make traffic and noise issues worse.

But Stagecoach have said it is necessary for their plans, that there were no objections when it was proposed, and that it will be treated as a 'hail and ride' service.

This means that rather than having set bus stops, passengers can flag down the bus or alight from anywhere on the road.

One concerned pensioner, who did not wish to give his name, argued that people living on the street were not consulted before Stagecoach made this big decision.

The transport provider says that it presented proposals to the local authority and no objections were raised, and it will bear residents in mind when finalising the route schedule.

The 81-year-old neighbour said: "No-one around here had any official notice or consultation, no-one gave us a chance to put our views forward or object, they just decided that that's what they wanted to do, it's wrong.

"A double-decker bus came through a few days ago as they tested the route. Passengers on the top deck will be able to see into back gardens, where is the privacy?

"It doesn't make sense. Turning right onto Cricklade Road will be very difficult. They could have easily gone down to Hathaway Road and down Beechcroft Road instead.

"We put up with the estate being a rat run and this will not help. We are not happy bunnies."

Swindon Advertiser: Cllr Claire Crilly in Queensfield, StrattonCllr Claire Crilly in Queensfield, Stratton (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr Claire Crilly has been contacted by around 80 people about the new bus route after popping notes through their letterboxes to make them aware of it.

She said: "I was not sure where the route would go and assumed it would travel along Beechcroft Road, so when I received the route map, I was surprised.

"There is a lot of public feeling about this, it's going to upset a lot of people.

"A lot of residents are worried about road safety and pollution, though some people were in favour of the change because we have not had a bus route to the Orbital [Shopping Park] around here for a long time.

"I'm pro public transport but the routes need to be suitable.

"There are several tight bends in Queensfield, it gets very narrow in places, and cars are parked on the sides of the road, so there's a lot of congestion."

Stagecoach West interim managing director Elisabeth Tasker said: “As previously reported, we’re making changes to this section of the 10 route to retain as much service as possible following the removal of Service 4 between Tadpole Garden Village and Swindon, due to funding cuts. 

"At the same time, we are introducing new links between Kingsdown and the Orbital Retail Park. 

"A number of options for the route were considered, however, the overall journey time and mileage increase would have meant that we wouldn't have had enough time to be able to provide this exciting new link.

"Before registering the service with the Traffic Commissioner, we presented our proposals to the local authority and no objections were raised.

“With local residents in mind, buses will run along both sides of the loop to reduce any risks of conflict and the overall number of journeys per day on any part of the route. 

"We are working with Swindon Borough Council to identify the best locations for new stops for this service. 

"In the meantime, we’d like to reassure residents in Queensfield that we do not view the route as purely a means for access and this section of the route will be treated as a 'hail and ride' service, available to all."