A Swindon mum has re-opened her shop after just three months despite challenges within just the first week.

Hannah Web owns Little Grazey, which provides grazing boxes across a range of items from croissants to fruits and cheeses both for large-scale catering events and walk-in customers at her shop located on Cricklade Road in Swindon.

Hannah was forced to close the shop in October 2023 due to the high demand of the catering side of the business.

She and her staff had to start work at 4am as they prepared food for 500 to 600 hundred people every day, and would then be working in the shop and serving customers.Swindon Advertiser:

Hannah said that this got too much and she would often be unable to open the shop due to the demand of the catering they had to provide.

She said: “It was just impossible to juggle them both.

“It was just too much to manage all at once.”

The shop remained closed over the Christmas period but when she saw that the shop was available again she decided to take the opportunity and reopened at the beginning of January.

The journey to re-opening was not plain sailing, as she faced multiple challenges in just the first week.

Little Grazey was first reopened on Tuesday, January 2, however the same day her landlords informed her that there was no hot water, and she was forced to close once more.

She then spent the week attempting to solve all the issues while balancing her home life and prepping food out of the business's sister location in Cirencester.

Despite the stress, the shop finally reopened a week later on January 9.

Hannah said: “I was ready to just throw the towel in but I am glad I stuck at it now.

“I was thinking why have I done this?”

Although Hannah has said that business has been relatively slow in January, she has already seen a big increase in footfall in just the first week of February and is already seeing the return of regulars from when the shop was previously open.

Hannah said: “It has been going really well.

“It has been really busy so far in February.

“I love the shop, it is going really well, it is somewhere a little bit different, there is no where in Swindon you can get a graze bowl.

“I love being in the shop and I love my customers.”