A Wiltshire man has been handed with a court order for having an out-of-control dog.

Daniel Thomas, 32, from North End Calne appeared before Swindon Magistrates' Court on February 2. 

He was accused of letting his dog - thought to be an XL Bully - run wild in a 'dangerous and out of control' way during an incident on October 24, last year. 

As a result, Thomas was issued with a Dog Control Order regarding his dog which is now a banned breed under Section 1 Dangerous Dogs Act ’91.

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The order states his property must be secure at all times to prevent the dog escaping, the dog must be muzzled and on a lead at all times when in public and the animal must not be walked by anyone under the age of 18.

The court ruled that this decision was "necessary and proportionate to keep the dog under control."

Breeding, selling, advertising, rehoming, abandoning and allowing an XL Bully to stray in England and Wales became illegal from December 31, 2023.

It also became illegal to own an XL Bully from February 1, 2024, unless it is included on a list of exempted dogs with owners able to apply for a certificate of exemption after meeting certain criteria.