Voters in Swindon will be asked to go to the polls at least twice in the next 12 months.

Local elections, and elections for the Police and Crime Commissioner will be held on May 2.

And there must be a general election held sometime before the end of January 2025.

So it is doubly important that those who want to vote in person, in a polling station, make sure they have the right form of photo identification ready to do so.

The stipulation first came in at the local elections last year after a change in the law in 2022.

Accepted forms of photo ID include passports, photographic driving licences, biometric immigration documents, and certain concessionary travel passes.

A comprehensive list is available on Swindon Borough Council’s website.

At last year’s election more than 100 people who turned up to vote were not able to do so.

Figures collated by Swindon Borough Council show 419 would-be voters were initially turned away because they didn’t have the approved ID.

But 307 of those people were able to return and cast their vote later – leaving 112 people who were not able to vote.

Postal voting is still an option although residents will now be required to provide their National Insurance number or another identity document when registering for either postal or proxy voting.