The past year has seen house prices rise again and Swindon is no exception.

It was reported in January last year that the average price of a semi-detached house in the Wiltshire town would set you back a costly £238,826.

This has risen within the last year and now the average house price in Swindon is calculated to approximately be £251,746.

Of course this is just an average and some areas have cheaper housing than others throughout the town but this works at both ends of the spectrum.

With this in mind, the Adver has compiled a list of the most expensive streets in Swindon and included an average price of property for each street with data courtesy of PropertySolvers.

The only street that has an average price of over £800,000 is somewhat unsurprisingly the costliest place to live in Swindon.

If you want to purchase a property on Broome Manor Lane, you would be looking at being set back approximately £805,000.

Leverton Gate is ranked second in the list coming just under the £700,000 mark, with a home in the area clocking in at an eyewatering average price of £698,833.

Following these two expensive areas, several of the next entries on the list are priced over the £650,000 threshold.

Both The Butts in Lydiard Millicent as well as The Quarries in Swindon are priced at a cool £689,000, albeit with the former costing an extra £166 on top of that fee.

Purton also makes a couple of appearances on this list.

Swindon Advertiser: Swindon's house prices have risen in the past year.Swindon's house prices have risen in the past year. (Image: Dave Cox)

The average house price in Upper Pavehill and the High Street in Purton currently comes in at an eyewatering £681,800 and £652,250 respectively.

Blunsdon also makes a solitary appearance in the top ten rankings, with the average property in Kingsdown Lane setting you back around £657,500.

Elsewhere in Swindon, Westlecot Road and Bath Road both cost similar sums of money to that of Blunsdon’s entry, with them priced at £677,500 and £652,357 respectively.

Although Swindon may not seem as expensive as other areas in the UK, there is still a significant rise occurring year on year.

According to PropertySolvers, house prices in Swindon increased by 18.68 per cent in the last five years, seeing a steep rise of 2.97% in the last 12 months alone.