Thames Water and Swindon Borough Council have both blamed one another after a Swindon subway has flooded yet again.

Photos taken on Monday have shown the Marlowe Avenue subway underwater again.

It has been flooded on multiple occasions and most recently left the path unusable as of Monday, December 12.

The bike lane and pedestrian path which was colourfully decorated at the end of 2022 currently cannot be accessed by those wishing to use it.

Members of the public have previously questioned why money had been spent by the council to decorate it when it is regularly unusable due to flooding rather than attempting to fix the problem.

Both Swindon Borough Council and Thames Water have been approached about the issue.

The subway previously flooded in March 2023 and when an Adver reporter asked SBC about the issue, it said that Thames Water was responsible.

Thames Water was approached after this weekend's flooding and said that it was the responsibility of the borough council.

Swindon was hit by torrential rain at the end of last week.