The heartwarming moment that a Swindon widow discovered her baby nephew had been partly named after her late husband has gone viral. 

Abby Lever, 33, was widowed in December 2020 when her husband, Ewen, was involved in a fatal crash involving his van, a lorry, and a 4x4 between Burford and Lechlade, near the hamlet of Signet. 

Just over three years later, Abby was the birthing partner for her sister Laura Ruffell, 36, as she gave birth to her first son, Clay.

Laura revealed that Clay's middle name was going to be Ewen, after Abby's late husband, in a TikTok video that has now gone viral and amassed a massive 6.7 million views.


When your sister was your birthing partner and you let her reveal your baby’s name, with her not knowing his middle name ‘Ewen’ is in honour of her late husband, my brother in law, who we tragically lost and miss dearly 💙

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In the video, Abby can be seen holding Clay while she gets to reveal his name. Initially, she is pleased but then after realising that Ewen is his middle name, she immediately breaks down into tears. 

She then looks at the little baby in her arms and says: "He would have loved you."

Hundreds of people have commented saying things like "the little noise when she realised" and "this gave me the nose stinging kind of tears."

Talking about the moment, Abby said: "I was so shocked when my sister let me reveal his name, me and Ayla had already guessed his first name a few weeks before, so I wasn’t shocked to see his name was Clay but then I double-looked and saw his middle name was Ewen. It’s broke me."

"I never ever expected it, and after 22 hours of being by my sister's side through labour, it was a very emotional ending.

Swindon Advertiser: Abby Lever with Clay after finding out his middle name was Ewen after her late husbandAbby Lever with Clay after finding out his middle name was Ewen after her late husband (Image: Laura Ruffell)"Ewen was such a massive part of our family and is missed so much by everyone who knew him. I am honoured my sister included his name.

"The girls talk about their daddy everyday and they love our new addition to the family so much, especially cause he has daddy’s name."

Laura explained why she decided to honour Ewen in such a way.

"Ewen was tragically taken away from us, and as a family, we miss him dearly.

"As soon as I knew I was having a boy I knew I wanted to include Ewen’s name as a tribute to him.

"I never told my sister before… it was such a special moment when we revealed his name."