For decades, Swindon's collection of museum artifacts and creative artworks were housed and displayed in Old Town.

A dedicated team kept Apsley House's cabinets pristine and curiosities preserved for countless visitors to enjoy until the historic building suddenly closed for good when the coronavirus pandemic started to reach the UK.

One floor of the civic offices on Euclid Street will become the museum's new home and is expected to open in the spring.

The people of Swindon have not been able to see the artworks and historic artefacts they own, including the famous and well-loved gharial crocodile, since March in 2020.

The galleries located in the listed Regency building in Old Town, were closed for the first Covid-19 lockdown.

The Conservative administration then said the building was not fit for purpose and added the cost of repairing the building and making it more accessible to visitors would be prohibitive.

When the administration first mooted using the Civic Offices as a temporary gallery, the idea was opposed initially by both the Friends of Swindon Museum & Art Gallery and some Labour councillors.