A tattoo parlour in Swindon town centre could be made into an escape room.

An application has been lodged by a Mr A Mulhall to put up new signs on 29-30 Morley Street, a short row of businesses just off Commercial Road, flanking the Granville Street Car Park.

Where the double shop front now has a sign for Red Dragon Tattoos across the top, the fascia sign would say Escape Rooms and Puzzle Games.

Above that would be the logo of Swindon Co-Decode Live Escape Games featuring the steel wheel of a train wheel and a keyhole in the middle.

That logo would also be on an illuminated projecting sign.

No substantial changes would be made to the front of the building or its internal floor plan.

When Red Dragon Tattoos took over the unit in 2012 the owners gained the necessary planning permission to change the use of the unit from retail to tattooing, which is its own planning category.

There is no application yet listed on Swindon Borough Council’s planning portal for a change of use from tattooing to a leisure use.

It is not confirmed that Red Dragon Tattoos has closed in the location – but the shutters were down at 4.30pm on a weekday this week.

No decision has been made on the application yet.