Police officers led in wait and caught a handful of drivers exceeding the speed limit in a Wiltshire town.

Wiltshire Police caught twelve drivers exceeding the 30mph speed limit which is in place across Corsham.

The speed checks were conducted in Gastard and on Park Lane on the morning of Friday, February 16.

One driver was handed a ticket for speeding in Gastard while two were offered words of advice by the officers that were conducting the speed checks.

Officers then relocated to Park Lane and handed four drivers tickets and had conversations with five others for exceeding the speed limit.

The slowest speed of those that were issued tickets was 40 miles per hour.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police wrote: “The town of Corsham is currently 30mph, no matter which part you enter from, whether its the A4 Box or Chippenham, or from Lacock or Neston and so on.

“This speed limit is there for a reason, so please adhere to this for everyone's safety, and also to prevent you from being caught by us.”

A Facebook post on the Corsham Police Facebook page informed the public of the speed checks that had been carried out.