An animal sanctuary is struggling to make ends meet as vet bills, utility costs and rent have sent their outgoings sky-high. 

Goatacre Animal Sanctuary was established in 2015 as a non-profit organisation by Emma and David Daltrey.

Based in Goatacre, the Wiltshire facility offers a safe haven to animals in need.

It is home to approximately 70 animals, ranging from goats and pigs to turkeys and rabbits.

But, in a statement, the sanctuary's owners made a public plea for help revealing the cost of living crisis was also affecting them. 

It said: "Things are really tough right now and sadly, like many other rescues we are struggling financially.

"These last couple of months have been particularly hard with less funds coming in than those going out and there is only so much I can self-fund while also needing to care for myself and my home and family."

The financial struggles have been recently exacerbated by the sanctuary's pig named Chunk falling ill in November and needing to spend a week in 'piggy hospital' before Christmas.

This was followed by further treatment this year. 

The sanctuary said the vet bills for Chunk's care have come to almost £3,000 which is being added on top of £1,000 for water and electricity, and the usual feed, rent and day-to-day medication making the outgoings upwards of £5,000. 

"I usually just avoid doing the math - and it breaks my heart to say this but in reality, I can’t continue to help more animals if it stays like this," the post continued. 

"We are just a small sanctuary, currently caring for around 70 lives but they all count and we can’t continue without support.

"Please help if you can, by liking and sharing our posts, by thinking of us for your next bake sale or sponsored run, dog walk or by sending a small donation of just £1 or £2.

"With over 10,000 followers it the small things that make a huge difference."

If anyone would like to donate anything towards the animal sanctuary, the rescue's PayPal address and their bank details can be found on their Facebook page -

Responding to the desperate plea, many members of the public have already rushed to help out, prompting a display of gratitude from the sanctuary. 

"Thank you all so much for your kind words, shares and donations for our little sanctuary - it does mean so much," a statement issued by the sanctuary said.

"Winter is particularly tough for anyone in rescue so any extra support is greatly appreciated."