Police officers in Swindon have brought smiles to a seriously ill boy who was fighting for his life over Christmas. 

William Howard, 8, of Stratton, was hospitalised at the end of November after suffering from potentially life-threatening reoccurring seizures.

At the time, his parents Mihaela and Simon were not sure when or if he would be able to return home. 

But, after spending a month in hospital, he was able to return home just in time for Christmas Day, 

And now, the brave young boy has become an honorary 'Mini Police officer' thanks to a visit from two officers from the Stratton, Central Swindon North and West Swindon Neighbourhoods Policing Team on February 14. 

A police spokesperson said: "Acting police sergeant Deller and police community support officer Stenning visited William’s home address to meet him and his family.

"William loves the police and so we wanted him to become an honorary ‘Mini Police’ officer. Along with the Mini Police kit.

"It was a real pleasure to meet William and his family, William and Sofia enjoyed being shown the police vehicle. William especially liked helping put the lights and sirens on."

Swindon Advertiser: William Howard say inside a police car while holding a police car and looking extremely happy!William Howard say inside a police car while holding a police car and looking extremely happy! (Image: Mihaela Howard)

Photos of the visit have been shared which show William smiling from ear to ear, and his mother Mihaela has shared her gratitude for the officer's kind gesture.

"Thank you to police officers PCSO Lee Stenning and APS Deller for helping William have one of the most memorable days ever by making him Mini Police and an honorary member of Wiltshire Police.

"William had the best day ever and his smile can say more than words."

She also provided an update on how he is doing after the frightening period just before Christmas. 

"He is getting a bit better," she said.

"He is currently having another chest infection and is on antibiotics. He was in hospital recently and is still experiencing some seizures and has to take lots of medication which makes him very tired.

"We have lots of appointments at the Hospital and we're waiting for another blood test appointment for his liver function to increase his epileptic medication.

"We hope that he gets strong enough to return to school as he loves going."

William was diagnosed with a rare Mitochondrial Disease in 2020 that left him in an induced coma and almost killed him. 

He now needs constant care as his lungs need to be frequently drained, he is unable to walk properly and has essentially lost both his hearing and his eyesight.