A team of friends have joined up to bring a new market to Swindon with a slight twist.

The Swindon Eclectic Market aims to be the most varied in Swindon and its ambition is to host stalls from a broad and diverse range of sources that cater to all of the family.

Behind the new market are sisters Emily and Elizabeth Hugues, 28 and 29 respectively, and Savannah Ward, 37. 

Emily owns her own crystal business, Savannah is a reiki energy healer and hairdresser and Elizabeth works with children. 

Speaking about where the idea for the market came from, Emily said: "We’re three women who own our own businesses and Savannah and I have been to a few markets so I thought why don’t we do this for ourselves."

She added: "We love the idea of bringing Swindon businesses together – the idea of it being eclectic, really varied market with a really wide target audience, markets are largely based and targeted towards women, so there can be nothing worse than going on a day out as a family and there's nothing for the children or men to buy or interact with, and so we want to change that."

There is now a Swindon Eclectic Market Facebook page which is currently advertising the first event taking place on April 7 at The MECA in Swindon's town centre. 

The market will be running from 10am to 4pm. 

Swindon Advertiser: Swindon Eclectic Market is debuting in Swindon with an Easter eventSwindon Eclectic Market is debuting in Swindon with an Easter event (Image: Swindon Eclectic Market)

"It's been really exciting to see so many amazing businesses coming together that we’ve got in the lineup, including established businesses and new businesses just starting," Emily said. 

"But we're also really excited to have Lush coming to this first event which is really exciting. Obviously, for the most part, we want our market to be 'shop small' but Lush has this most amazing ethos that aligns with what we're trying to do."

If all goes well, it will be the first of many Swindon Eclectic Markets taking place in the town. 

"We want people to absolutely love it and just have the best day and the response we’re getting online has been great, it seems like everyone is excited. 

"We’re already in the plans of setting new dates and seeing where we can go with it, but we'd like the next market to be more of an outdoor summer event."