Police officers caught speeding drivers after lying in wait at the roadside in two neighbouring Wiltshire villages.

Speed checks were carried out in The Gibb, close to Castle Combe, and at Yatton Kennell on the morning of Tuesday, February 20.

Traffic offence reports were issued to two drivers - one for a driver going 38mph in a 30mph zone and another for going 47mph in a 40mph zone.

Other drivers were spoken to and advised about their speed.

The speed checks were carried out in response to the local parish council requesting the presence of police officers in the area.

Swindon Advertiser: Police outside the Salutation Inn near Castle CombePolice outside the Salutation Inn near Castle Combe (Image: Wiltshire Police)

The Chippenham Police Facebook account highlighted the speed checks on the same day in a post that showed officers in action.

These checks appear to be a part of a number of Wiltshire Police are currently carrying out.

Officers were waiting outside a pub in Charlton near Malmesbury on February 15. Four cars were caught exceeding the speed limit.

There were also speed checks carried out in Corsham. In Gastard and on Park Lane and 12 drivers were found to be speeding.