A wanted man who appeared to taunt police on Facebook is still on the run, and police believe he may be abroad.

Four months after their initital appeal to find Luke McInerney, the 29-year-old is still wanted by Wiltshire Police for assault and is suspected to have left the country.

Multiple Facebook posts appealed for help in locating McInerney, with comments left from an account in his name appearing to mock officers.

One read: “If you offer a reward I’ll tell you where I am”.

Another comment read: “Swindon Police, how much will you offer to hand myself in? Let’s come to some sort of arrangement, this holiday [is] getting expensive,”

The account also posted a 20-second video in the comment section of a man who appears to be McInerney on a beach.

In the video, he wears a grey hoodie and black cap with ‘LUKE’ written on it as he continues to jeer at Wiltshire Police.

He said: "Catch me if you can, yeah.”

Now, over four months later, Wiltshire Police has confirmed that the suspect is still on the run.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: “He is still wanted – he is thought to be abroad.”