A thief stole expensive clothes worth thousands from a car along with hundreds of pounds in cash and several cards.

Michael Jefferies, of Poplar Avenue in Pinehurst, has been sentenced for two offences.

The 34-year-old indicated pleas of guilty to stealing a black Monte wallet which had two credit cards, a bank debit card, a driving licence, and a pay zone card inside it, as well as £520 in cash, one pair of white Alexander McQueen shoes, one pair of black Ray-Ban sunglasses, one pair of female Versace sunglasses, one black LA hat, one Nike hat, and one Hugo Boss jacket worth £2,000 altogether.

The thefts happened from a man’s blue Lexus in Swindon between January 23 and 27. 

During the same timeframe, the defendant attempted to use another person’s bank cards for himself.

At Jefferies' sentencing on Friday, February 16, the bench at Swindon Magistrates Court decided to send him to jail for 12 weeks due to the seriousness of the offences committed and because the defendant has what court records describe as "a flagrant disregard for people and their property”.

There was no order for him to pay court costs or compensation.