Six stray puppies have been found in Wiltshire.

The lost pets were discovered in the village of Leigh near Ashton Keynes and Cricklade on Tuesday, February 20, after two kindhearted citizens noticed that the animals had been left outside in the rain and took them to safety.

In 2016, it became a legal requirement to have any dog over the age of eight weeks microchipped - but the blond-furred pups are not chipped.

Wiltshire Council's public protection service shared a photo of the puppies on social media in a bid to locate their owner.

A spokesperson said: "At this time we do not require help with rescue space or rehoming for this dog and we will be unable to reply to any requests for these.

"Anyone with information which will help locate the owner, email us at

"The owner of any dog being claimed must provide personal ID, proof of address, and sufficient proof of ownership, as well as paying all relevant fees prior to collection."

If a dog is missing a microchip, the local authority will try to locate its owner and then serve them a notice to get the pet chipped within 21 days.

If the owner then fails to comply with the notice, they could receive a criminal conviction and a £500 fine.