A Wiltshire MP says that leaving the Christmas lights on in one of her constituency market towns is a “step too far”.

Chippenham MP Michelle Donelan made the comment during a visit to historic Bradford on Avon to discuss the recent flooding.

Noticing that the Christmas lights with wreaths strung along the town bridge were still sparkling, she said: “I think it’s a step too far”.

But one resident suggested another motive for leaving the Christmas lights on – Wiltshire Council has so far failed to repair the broken street lamps on the bridge.

She said: “Well, it is a bit odd but as Wiltshire Council have still not repaired the lights on the bridge which have been broken for at least two years, I was very appreciative of the Christmas lights as I crossed the river yesterday evening.”

Wiltshire Council says the Christmas lights have been left on with agreement from Bradford on Avon Town Council because attempts to fix the street lamps have proved fruitless.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “We have been experiencing issues with the lighting on the Bradford on Avon town bridge and have attempted fixes which have not been successful.

“As an interim measure to ensure continued lighting on the bridge we agreed with Bradford on Avon town council that their electrical contractor would replace the festive lighting with temporary festoon lighting while we investigate a full repair of the street lighting.”

The local MP is not the only one to have commented on the lights, which provided some festive sparkle over Christmas and the New Year as part of the town’s decorations.

Another person commented: “Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird that the Christmas lights are still on the town bridge?  With Christmas wreaths still attached?

“I know the council said the lights are staying to make it nice but it sort of just looks like the Christmas decs are still up.”

Bradford on Avon Town Council says on its website: “For the second year running we are leaving our festive lights on.

“Our beautiful town lights in The Shambles, Lamb Yard and River Walk will remain on in the evenings to once again shine several hundred spotlights on local businesses.

“We set up the Shine On campaign to show off the vibrant Bradford on Avon town centre during the long winter evenings.”