The closure of a Swindon academy trust is unlikely to have a significant impact on one Swindon primary school.

South Marston Parish Council has moved to reassure parents after it was announced last month that the Diocese of Bristol Academy Trust, which runs South Marston C of E Primary School plus eleven others in Wiltshire, will cease running schools.

A member of the board has informed the council the school will be fine going forward.

Colin McEwen, chair of South Marston Parish Council, said: "Parents of children at the village school received a note saying that funding problems mean that the Diocese of Bristol Academy Trust (DBAT) that runs South Marston school will be wound up.

"Our school is one of several DBAT schools in the Swindon area that will either be taken back by the Borough or, possibly more likely, placed with another Trust.

"I have spoken to a member of the school’s Local Board and received assurance from the DBAT School Development Officer that they aim for “a ‘good end" and a strong start for our schools under their new management homes.

"I am assured that the change will have no immediate impact on the school."

In September 2023, the Deanery, another school run by the Diocese of Bristol Academy Trust (DBAT), received a Special Measures judgement from Ofsted. 

This led to the Department for Education (DFE) re-brokering the Deanery and Kingfisher schools to another trust. 

But then "inevitable changes to the financing of the trust as a result" led to the decision to cease operation of DBAT. 

A spokesperson said: "This decision has not been taken lightly but has been taken with children at the heart of it.

"Trustees are united in the view that this decision will allow each of our schools to be in a family of schools where there is greater levels of resource, and capacity, available to support them.

"At this stage, a new trust/trusts have not been confirmed and we cannot provide a timetable for the transfer of schools. We anticipate that this will develop at pace throughout the remainder of this academic year, and we will ensure that you are provided with regular updates. The transfer is not expected to result in any changes to your school staff structure.     

"We remain absolutely committed to ensuring that our schools receive the best support that we can, and working proactively as new partner trusts are confirmed to ensure a smooth transition, and with the maximum benefit for children."