Michelin-starred and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has shared the one dish you should avoid ordering in a restaurant. 

The Scottish restauranteur and TV presenter has been awarded 17 Michelin stars over his career (currently holding seven) so it's safe to say that he knows the business inside and out.

In a resurfaced interview, the Hell's Kitchen presenter revealed that diners should avoid the soup of the day when eating out. 

Speaking to Town & Country, Ramsay claimed that restaurants can often reuse some of their old produce and dress it up as a special.

Swindon Advertiser: Gordon Ramsay spoke to Town & Country and recommended diners didn't order the soup special in restaurants. ( BBC/PA)Gordon Ramsay spoke to Town & Country and recommended diners didn't order the soup special in restaurants. ( BBC/PA) (Image: BBC/ PA)

Gordon Ramsay shares expert advice on what not to order in restaurants

The celebrity chef went on to say: "Ask what yesterday’s soup du jour was before today’s special.

"It may be the case that it’s the soup du month."

Ramsay also shared in the same interview that he often seeks the advice of his servers when he's ordering in a new restaurant. 

The Kitchen Nightmares presenter said: "It really depends on the restaurants, but servers tend to taste most of the dishes on the menu and can give you insight to what the chef has added or what locals love.

"Being on the road, I’ve gotten a lot of great recommendations from servers."

The news comes after Gordon Ramsay opened up in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine following the birth of his sixth child with his wife Tana Ramsay.

The couple, who have been married since 1996, are also parents to Megan, Matilda “Tilly”, twins Jack and Holly and Oscar.

Gordon Ramsay announced the news on Instagram in November, writing: “What an amazing birthday present please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, 7lbs 10oz whopper!!

“One more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade!! 3 boys, 3 girls…. Done.”

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The chef also shared images of himself kissing the baby as well as Tana in hospital.

Ramsay received congratulations from Hollywood star Jeremy Renner, TV chef James Martin, Top Gear star Paddy McGuinness and Strictly Come Dancing professional Amy Dowden.

Football manager and former player Frank Lampard wrote: “Congratulations mate!”

Ramsay shared in his interview with PEOPLE that having a baby in his late fifties is "keeping me younger".

He added: "Jesse's really helped bring everyone closer.

"And that level of responsibility again is just even more exciting.

"I want to be six times better a dad than I was twenty-five years ago to Meghan."