Several deadly weapons have been literally taken off the streets after officers found them stashed in public places in Swindon

Officers from the Swindon, North, East and Rural Neighbourhood Policing team took part in a 'community day of action' which featured safety searches of the Eldene area.

The Neighbourhood Policing Teams worked alongside the Harm Reduction Team to carry out searches in bushes, hedgerows and any spaces where blades might be discarded or hidden.

Officers targeted areas where local people have raised concerns, or we have information to highlight anti-social or criminal behaviour in the neighbourhood.

In Eldene, police were 'concerned' to find one machete, a Rambo knife and three kitchen knives.

Swindon Advertiser: Kitchen knives found hidden in public places in Eldene, SwindonKitchen knives found hidden in public places in Eldene, Swindon (Image: Wiltshire Police)

A baseball bat was also discovered in the undergrowth.

A spokesperson for the police said: "We will now carry out any possible investigations and tests to see if they can be linked to people or offences, and the items will be sent for destruction."

Meanwhile searches in Priory Vale, North Swindon found no suspicious items.

Further safety sweeps will be carried out across Swindon to identify hidden weapons, prosecute offenders where possible, and get these knives off the streets.

The spokesperson added: "If you are aware of any places which you feel we should be searching please get in touch – you can call 101 or report it via the Wiltshire Police website."