A suspected Alabama Rot case near Swindon has left two dog owners fearing for their precious pet's survival.

Shaun Reynolds, 28, from Lambourn, has two whippets, Willow and Whisper, but after going on a walk in the area in February, Willow was left fighting for her life. 

She is now receiving treatment from Alabama Rot veterinary specialist Anderson Moores, who has issued a warning to dog owners this year following a spike in cases. 

Dogs with Alabama Rot usually display skin sores, visible swelling, red patches or skin defects not caused by a known injury, changes in appetite, drinking more, vomiting and lethargy. 

If a dog contracts Alabama Rot there is only a 10 per cent chance it can be saved.

But, in a recent update, former Adver sports reporter Shaun confirmed that things are looking positive for Willow under her specialist care. 

He said: "The vet just called, values going in the right direction – she’s going really well, as good as you can wish her to go."

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Swindon Advertiser: WillowWillow (Image: Shaun Reynolds)Shaun has been providing updates on Willow's progress on social media.

Explaining the timeline that led to Willow getting severely ill, Shaun explained that he took Willow and Whisper on a walk on February 5. 

The following Monday, February 12, Willow woke up and was limping for no apparent reason. She was taken to the vet and seemed to improve. hin four days, hard-pressed to tell that there was anything wrong with her,

Then, on February 18, she had a sore on her foot which was "doubling in size by the hour" and was given extra medication by the vet. 

On February 21, Willow became sick and lethargic, and after another visit to the vet, Shaun was told things were bad, with the vet saying to him "We can put her to sleep for you now, or you will need to go and see a specialist."

Faced with losing the four-and-a-half-year-old dog, it was a no-brainer for Shaun who took her to Anderson Moores where she has been ever since. 

"It was awful to hear," he said, "And the sad reality of Willow’s story is that if we didn’t have the money, we would’ve had to put her to sleep."

"It’s been proper hard, this really knocked us for six, We weren’t sleeping, we weren’t eating, I've lost nearly half a stone."

There have been no confirmed cases of Alabama Rot in Swindon or the surrounding areas since 2020, but it can only be diagnosed officially if the dog dies.