New photos show the latest progress on the transformation of Fleming Way.

The town centre road is being lowered to the level of the old underpass near The Parade and given a new layout which will turn it into a hub for bus services.

These images - taken from the revamped 1 Newbridge Square  - show workers in high-visibility jackets maneouvering equipment around the massive construction site.

The public underpass now opens onto the same level as the road, with part of the original tarmac visible on top of the subway and a steep wall of sand and earth bordering the sides.

An early form of part of the new carriageway appears to have been built, with the rest of its patch sketched out in mud.

Much of the site is still a work-in-progress having been stripped bare of any recognisable infrastructure so that it can be rebuilt as the new bus boulevard.

The area near the Milford Street junction appears to be closer to completion.

Workers can also be seen on the old Debenhams building.

All buses previously operating from Swindon bus station and from Fleming Way will leave from a single location that also serves inter-urban bus and coach services.

Work on the scheme began in September 2022 and is due to be completed by autumn 2025.