One of Swindon's MPs has said he has also been affected by Swindon's bin crisis.

Conservative MP Sir Robert Buckland, who has represented South Swindon since 2010, said that he has been dealing with missed bin collections and delays since the major changes brought in by Swindon Borough Council in November.

It was the biggest change to waste collections in the borough in over a decade.

When asked whether he and his family have been affected personally, Mr Buckland said: “We have had issues, we have had missed collections, we have had delays, and I’ll be honest with you, in all the years of being MP I’ve never experienced this degree of disruption.

“The staff, the teams, we always put a box of Celebrations out for them because they always do a fantastic job…. It's not their fault.

“The fact that my inbox had to fill up with hundreds, hundreds of complaints was something I had never I had never seen in all my years as the MP in Swindon."

When discussing the reason for the issues he said: “There wasn’t a single specific senior officer at SBC who is managing this project and that is puzzling you know you would have though that there would be one person whose mind is chiefly focused on this transition, it was coming in at a difficult time of year.

“Was that transition the best time of year? Would it be better now, at a quieter time of year?

“Now that Labour councillors are in charge of the council they’ve got to expect that they will have criticism.”

Councillor Chris Watts said previously when addressing the issues with bins in Swindon, he said:  "We are going to conduct an independent review to determine what the initial issues were and to help address systemic issues.

"In my opinion, not enough project management was put in place and so we are now trying to do everything backwards.

"The blue bag system has proved unpopular and is something we will also review but not until we get to a point where we have solved the systemic issue that we are seeing at the moment."

It comes as Cllr Watts says that residents shouldn't wait more than 24 hours for their bins to be collected.

He said: "The waste and recycling team have been working hard to bring the service under control.

"The delays are expected while we retrospectively clear backlogs and bolster the service with support vehicles, and there should be no more than 24 hours delay for recycling as of next week.

"Anything later than this will need to be investigated and we will need to check the status of the system."