Police officers stopped a driver in Wiltshire whose car was being held together by a piece of string.

Wiltshire Police's roads policing unit was out patrolling the county when officers pulled over a dark-coloured Ford Fiesta and could not believe what they found.

The car, which was already in a bad shape and had sharp metal edges on the bodywork, was being held together by a fraying piece of pink twine - the only thing stopping the passenger side door from swinging open.

The driver of the car was given a PG9 probation which is a ban on the use of a vehicle on a public road.

This is usually issued when either the vehicle is unfit for use or driving the vehicle is likely to cause injury to a person.

"The driver of this Fiesta was a little strung up after being stopped by the road policing unit because their door kept opening as they drove along," said a spokesperson for Wiltshire Police.

"Sharp metal edges in the bodywork and the poor choice in bailer twine lead to a PG9 prohibition."