We all know that mums go to Iceland, but the supermarket has issued an official statement asking mothers not to visit their stores.

The news comes as signs have appeared on several stores 'barring' mums from entering on Sunday, March 10, and Iceland has released an official statement on social media.

It read: "It's a fact that mums go to Iceland. However, for one day only, on Sunday, March 10, we're asking that they don't."

Although the news may come as a shock to families who rely on mum's weekly Iceland trip, it's all for a good reason as the supermarkets are urging mothers to relax, allow themselves to be treated like royalty, and let someone else do the food shop instead.

Swindon Advertiser: Signs have appeared 'barring' mothers from Iceland on Sunday.Signs have appeared 'barring' mothers from Iceland on Sunday. (Image: Iceland)

"Sunday, March 10 is Mother's Day and we don't want any mums visiting our Iceland or The Food Warehouse stores," the social media statement added.

"Instead, we want those icons that should be celebrated this Sunday to put their feet up.

"Having said that, if you need some emergency Yorkshire puddings, you've run out of toilet roll, or you want to treat yourself to a tub of ice cream, we'll let you in for a couple of minutes," the frozen-food giant joked.

Richard Walker, executive chairman of Iceland Foods, added: “We do realise that there are some circumstances where some mums will have to shop with us. For those incredible mothering figures, we will always welcome you with open arms."