The video of a near-miss at one of Swindon's busiest roundabouts has been shared by a worried driving instructor. 

Steve Nichols of Great Western Driving Academy Ltd sent dashcam footage of an incident at Mannington showing his car being cut up by another driver.

In the video, the instructor's car is turning right at the West Swindon junction passing the Fabb Furniture store when out of nowhere a car appears from the passenger side and forces it to swerve slightly and come to a sudden halt. 

Steve said: "This happened to one of our driving instructors on Mannington roundabout.

"Luckily he managed to avoid the collision but the other driver didn’t even stop."

Steve wanted to highlight the incident and said that it was one of many his team encounter every day on  Swindon's roads. 

He added: "Unfortunately this is something we see a lot, especially while out teaching.

"We have numerous close calls while other drivers try to get around or ahead of the learners and I know a lot of the other instructors have the same issue.

"We use each incident as a teaching point for our students, asking them how it made them feel and what they would have done in that situation on their own, hopefully teaching them to become safer drivers for the future."