Milton Jones has revealed his feelings about Swindon ahead of his visit to the town.

The famous comedian, who has featured on shows like Mock the Week and Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, also gave hints about his new tour in a revealing chat with the Adver.

He was left with a good impression from previous Swindon visits, remembering: “You make a joke about Swindon, they laugh. 

“Sometimes if you go to certain other places, I don't know, Liverpool or Newcastle, you make a joke about a place, they say ‘who do you think you are?’ 

“In Swindon it is ‘yeah, fair enough’.”

But his impressions from a previous visit to the Wyvern Theatre were not all good. 

“I’ll tell you what I did get from Swindon, was Covid but the first time before it was fashionable, and people knew what it was.

“I went down with a bug at the theatre and I remember thinking, oh, there's something wrong with me and I realised it was Covid. 

“So I'm not blaming Swindon. Probably got it somewhere else. I do associate Covid with Swindon, unfortunately.”

Swindon Advertiser: Milton JonesMilton Jones (Image: PA)

Milton is visiting with his latest show, Ha!Milton, a show he says he has not yet written: “Suddenly the reality is hitting and there's nothing like people buying tickets for a tour you haven't written. 

“So suddenly my adrenaline is working twice as hard as it was yesterday. So excited in a word.

“It's like doing homework. If you know you've got an exam the next day, suddenly you get on with it.”

He is sure of one thing: that it is not going to be related to the Hamilton musical. “I need to point out to any Americans who think the show might be about one of their founding fathers, that they might be slightly disappointed. 

“I am tone deaf and have no sense of rhythm, and there will be no singing, which is a blessing.

“It's me messing about and being daft for the whole thing.”

Overall, Milton appeared to be excited about the show.

He explained: “The fear is beforehand, but once you get on with doing it, you suddenly realise that you've hit a state of being that you couldn't get to in any other way other than putting yourself under pressure, which feels terrible just beforehand, but good once you finish.”

Ha!Milton with Milton Jones comes to the Wyvern Theatre on Saturday, September 14.

Tickets are available at