A number of Swindon schools have been highlighted as needing improved road safety measures. 

As a result, 23 schools will benefit from the latest rollout of Swindon Borough Council’s School Safe Environment Zone Scheme (SSEZ) this year.

The Council is now set to spend £177,000 more to introduce similar measures to extra schools across Swindon including waiting restrictions, reduction in speed limits, cycling facilities, a footway extension and a 'School Street.'

As in previous years, an assessment was completed across all schools in Swindon to determine the improvements needed and to prioritise the schools requiring the most support.

From this assessment, 23 new schools were selected for inclusion in the fourth year of the programme.

The following schools will see the road safety measures introduced over the next couple of months:

•            Chiseldon Primary School

•            Oakhurst Community Primary School

•            Catherine Wayte Primary School

•            The Dorcan Academy

•            The Ridgeway School

•            Wroughton Junior School

•            Oliver Tomkins Infants & Juniors

•            St. Joseph's Catholic College

•            Badbury Park Primary School

•            Eldene Primary School

•            Peatmoor Community Primary

•            Wroughton Infants School

•            Lethbridge Primary School

•            Grange Junior School

•            Brook Field Primary School

•            St Francis Primary School

•            Drove Primary School

•            Wanborough Primary School

•            Bishopstone Primary School

•            Grange Infants School

•            Swindon Academy

•            Moredon Primary School

Since launching in October 2020, 50 schools have already seen a range of behavioural change initiatives, and engineering and enforcement measures introduced.

These include school keep clear markings, single and double yellow lines, flashing amber school signs, and the introduction of three 'School Streets.'

The design of each SSEZ is bespoke to the circumstances, characteristics and location of each school as well as the current behaviours of pupils and parents or carers.

Councillor Chris Watts, Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet member for transport and the environment, said: “Keeping children safe on their journeys to and from school is a priority for the Council.

“We have a lot of busy roads close to many of our schools and the School Safe Environment Programme has an important part to play in improving road safety.

“I hope that these new measures and behaviour change initiatives will see a reduction in injuries and make children and parents feel safer on the school run.”