A highly-emotive protest has been placed outside the office of Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson. 

A group of women from the Swindon community and Swindon Palestine Solidarity have chosen to highlight the number of Palestinian children that have been killed in Gaza. 

They will be collecting items of clothing and laying them out as a memorial for the number of young people killed since Israel began its bombardment and siege of the area, which the Palestinian Ministry of Health says is now at 13,450. 

This was prompted by an attack on Israeli citizens from Hamas, which has been designated a terrorist group by the United Nations, during which 1,200 people were killed, including 36 children. 

The group will be carrying out the poignant protest on April 27, where they hope to lay out as many sets of children's clothing as possible at the MP's Orbital Shopping Centre base.

A spokeswoman from the group said: "We realise that it is almost impossible to imagine the scale of child deaths, so our memorial will enable people to see what that looks like and hopefully encourage them to join us in calling for a ceasefire."

The group says it has chosen Justin Tomlinson's office as the location because he 'voted against calling for a ceasefire'. 

Mr Tomlinson did vote against a bill from the SNP strongly calling for a ceasefire in November, but a Labour amendment proposed softening the original bill's language was passed without a vote in February this year.

In response to the upcoming protest, the North Swindon MP said that he 'absolutely' supported an end to the violence.

"The loss of innocent lives, particularly children, in Gaza and Israel is devastating.

"There is not single politician who does not support an end to the fighting and a sustainable lasting peace.

"It is vital the Government continues to support the co-ordinated international efforts to push both sides towards an immediate ceasefire.  I absolutely support this work."

The group is collecting clothes from the Swindon Community Hub from Tuesday to Saturday, 10-5pm. 

To get involved or for more information, email the group on clothesmemorial@icloud.com

The spokeswoman added: "The clothes will be laid in a line from Justin’s office along the path in front of ASDA and M&S going in the other direction.

"We will leave the memorial in place until the next day to give people the opportunity to see it or add to it. The clothes will all go to charity and not be wasted."

A similar protest was staged on Bournemouth Beach in February.