A relative of a Swindon man who was stabbed to death is visiting schools to teach young people about the dangers of knife crime.

Jordan Turner’s 33-year-old brother Lee died in October 2021 after a confrontation on The Venny in Pinehurst.

Together with Danyelle King Jordan set up the Change Lives No To Knives project in March 2023 in a bid to prevent other families losing loved ones to knife crime.

Since then, they have visited five schools to talk about the outcomes of carrying a knife and the traumatic consequences it had for Jordan's family.

She said: “Educating and empowering the younger generation is key.

"By having the support from schools and other authorities allows me to influence positive mindsets to the younger generation, which could prevent a life being taken like Lee's or a young person serving a custodial sentence.

"If I can prevent another family going through what mine has, I will do all it takes. Knife crime has changed my life forever." 

Swindon Advertiser: Lee Turner with his sister Jordan and (right) Change Lives No To Knives apparelLee Turner with his sister Jordan and (right) Change Lives No To Knives apparel (Image: Newsquest)

Danyelle added: "We would like to thank Great Western Academy for having us in the school on Thursday and to the 200 students for such a warm welcome and positive attitude towards tackling knife crime and youth violence.

"Going into schools and youth clubs is so important to us.

"It is inevitable that these young children are aware of knife crime and the risks of carrying a knife.

"The world is changing and knife crime in Swindon alone has become a weekly thing. 

"Jordan and I have amnesty, but it's not just about recovering bladed articles from within the community, 

"We aid support and guidance to help youths get away from gang affiliation and county line activities.

"We also go into youth offenders institutions and carry out intensive presentations and offer mentoring to help reduce the risk of re-offending."

Great Western Academy assistant principal David Clarke said: “The ChangeLivesNoToKnives message is hard-hitting but very important.

“We are pleased to be working with Danyelle and Jordan in ensuring this crucial information is understood by our students.

“The message to young people is clear; don’t carry knives.

“To hear it directly from somebody so personally affected helped to bring that message home.

“Like so many schools, we are working hard to ensure young people understand the impact of knife crime and to be able to feature this message as part of our Successful Lives Day is an important aspect of our ongoing personal, social and health education curriculum.”