Reform UK has sacked its Swindon South candidate amid claims he fantasised about deporting ‘millions of foreigners and their dependents’ calling them a ‘cancer’ and a ‘plague’.

Campaign group HOPE not hate revealed Reform’s Benjamin Dade had published a ‘policy roadmap’ in late 2022 where he anticipated forcibly deporting anyone who has settled in the UK since 1997.

His policy, published on website The Mallard, called for expulsion of ‘foreigners and their dependents’ and the prosecution of civil servants and judges, calling them “a cancer which must be cut out, regardless of the disruption it causes”.

He said: “The reality of this policy will inevitably be messy. 

“Whole families crying and shrieking and being violent and destructive when they are being detained. 

“This is just one more unfortunate horror which the leftists and globalists and traitors have forced upon us.”

HOPE not hate says he is currently working as a content creator for a far-right outlet the Lotus Eaters.

In videos for the outlet, Mr Dade voices his support of the Great Replacement Theory, which suggests that European populations at large are being demographically and culturally replaced by non-white peoples.

He said about immigration: “It seems to be a very deliberate, conscious plan to change our demographic for all time, to replace us.”

He has also expressed strong anti-Scottish views. 

In a conversation with English Constitution Party founder Graham Moore, Mr Dade compared the Scottish people to a “turd that won’t flush” and a “boil you have to keep lancing”.

He said: “The Scottish economy is tiny, anyway. I mean what do they actually export, Irn Bru and smack?

“As far as the English are concerned they're like a turd that won't flush, to be quite honest. It's like a boil that you have to keep lancing over and over again, it's so frustrating.”

The BBC recently came under criticism for describing Reform UK as far-right.

But Nick Lowles, CEO of HOPE not hate said that having candidates such as Mr Dade did not help their case.

He said: “If Reform UK wants to avoid being labelled as far right, they should perhaps work harder at keeping the likes of Dade from their list of candidates.”

A Reform spokesman told The Mirror: “We sacked him. It was brought to our attention and we acted quickly, unlike other parties. We don’t want to be represented by someone like that.”

Mr Dade has since posted on Twitter saying: “I stand by every word.” 

He has been contacted by the Adver for further comment.