A former Swindon South Reform UK candidate has stood by the comments which got him sacked in a new online video.

Posting online on Friday (March 22), Benjamin Dade made comments about Scots being like ‘a turd that won’t flush’.

Mr Dade said these comments were ‘clearly a joke’, and that he could not see what was offensive about others.

He was sacked after evidence by campaign group 'HOPE not hate' that Mr Dade holds far-right views, calling for mass deportation of foreigners who he calls a ‘plague’.

Mr Dade said: “I do need to apologise… for absolutely nothing.

“No, I double down. Like an actual man I stand by everything I have ever said within reason.”

He describes his comments as ‘some of his greatest hits’, wearing the sacking and media attention as a ‘badge of honour’.

In an online manifesto Mr Dade called for “millions of foreigners and their dependents” to be expelled from the country to ‘rid itself of the foreign plague we have been diseased with’. 

Swindon Advertiser: Benjamin Dade with Callum Darragh and Nick Dixon

He also seemed to support the Great Replacement Theory, saying about immigration: “It seems to be a very deliberate, conscious plan to change our demographic for all time, to replace us.”

Mr Dade added: “It’s nothing bad really."

He maintains that ‘they are all basically Reform policies, calling for a clear out of the civil service, calling for no migration or even mass deportation’.

Dade also points out that some allegations were incorrect.

'HOPE not hate' reported Dade wants to deport British citizens, a stance he says he never held.

On comments about Scotland being a ‘boil that must be lanced again and again’, he said: “I maintain that that is funny. 

“And no I don’t apologise. I forgot to mention one of their other main exports is tramps.

“It is my God given right to be rude and dismissive about Scots and Welsh and Irish.”

His co-host, Nick Dixon, describes it as ‘hilarious pub banter’.

The video was released by lotuseaters.com, a Swindon-based right-wing outlet for which Mr Dade works as a content creator and makes regular appearances.

He says he does not care about being sacked from the party.

“For me personally, it is not really that much of a big deal. It is a weight off," Mr Dade said.

“I can go back to saying whatever I want to say without toeing any sort of party line."

He added: “I was almost certainly going to come third.”