A Swindon man convicted of assault by beating argued with magistrates after receiving his punishment.

Edwin Upton, of Brookdene in Haydon Wick, pleaded not guilty to hitting a man in the Swindon Artist's Forum shop on October 27, 2023.

On Monday morning, magistrates found him guilty of the offence and then ordered the 57-year-old to pay £400 to his victim in compensation for the injury and the glasses that were damaged by his punch.

From the dock, Upton replied: "His glasses don't cost £400, you can buy them for £15 from Specsavers - and you can get them straightened for free.

"I'm not paying £400 for his glasses."

Magistrates explained again that the compensation was the total for the injuries sustained in the assault as well as the glasses repair.

The defendant was not ordered to pay any court costs or victim surcharge because he is on benefits.