Three shoplifters were snared by police during a crackdown in the town centre.

Wiltshire Police visited the shopping district on Saturday, March 23, and spoke to 73 businesses as part of a Safer Business Action (SaBA) day, with the aim to support them and reduce crime. 

During their time in the town centre three shoplifters were health with - one was arrested and remanded in custody and two were the subject of out-of-court resolutions. 

Four people seen begging were moved on and intelligence reports surrounding drugs, weapons and anti-social behaviour were submitted.

A mobile van was also stationed at Wharf Green for members of the public to visit and speak to officers. 

Aaron Gleed, 34, of Frobisher Drive was charged with theft after allegedly stealing laundry products to the value of £68.50, belonging to One Beyond. 

Gleed was also charged with possession of controlled class b drug cannabis. 

He appeared at Swindon Magistrates' Court on Monday morning.

Sgt Claire Davidson, said: “The SaBA days are a great opportunity to increase engagement with retail businesses and tackle some of the most prolific offenders when it comes to shoplifting and violence against business owners and staff.

“We get hundreds of reported incidents of shoplifting every year but we know this is just a fraction of all crimes.

"Under-reporting is widely acknowledged by the retail sector.

"Through greater information sharing there is the opportunity to further disrupt and arrest prolific offenders, prevent violence and antisocial behaviour and provide reassurance to the public and businesses.”

Following this action, advice and support will be available to retailers in the form of crime and violence prevention advice and the opportunity to join the Force-wide Business Watch initiative through the Community Messaging system.

The public are also being asked to be alert and help report shoplifting offences to shop staff or directly to Wiltshire Police.

This comes after businesses spoke to the Advertiser about the derelict tented market and how it was causing issues of anti-social behaviour. 

“It attracts drunks who scare the customers," said Phonexchange owner Steve Singh. "They’re sitting there making comments about the customers and people are scared.

“They don’t want to walk this way.

Last year managers of several stores in the shopping area described the shoplifting situation as being 'under siege from criminals'